This is an experimental collaboration where we engaged regular people(non actors) with no previous acting experience to pose/act for this shoot.In a world filled with commercials glorifying the quintessential good looking man to have washboard abs and clean shaven look, we decided to use men with beards and with non conventional body types. unlike a commercial, we had no storyboard.A bunch of experienced skill sets came together to showcase non stereotypical images of men as usually seen in advertising.We wanted to break from conventional methods of film making and yet maintain a strong visual aesthetic.what resulted was a "devised theater" film.We wanted to come up with a film that was purposeful & has a visually engaging narrative.
Models- Abhishek Srivastava,Arnab Majumdar,Baashobe Majumdar,Sameer Kevin Roy, Rohit Jain,Sam Mohan
Make up & Hair - Sid Hiremath
Stylist- Mithilesh Nyathappa
Fittings & Tailoring- Chetan Ra
fashion accessories- Pooja Maria Gajraj
Production manager- Kalpana Kumar
Cinematographer- Amith Surendran
Film editing and after effects - obriti designs
photo assists- vivek satpathy & Abhishek Srivastava
art & set design- Sidharth Mohan & vivek satpathy
location- yolk studio,Bangalore
Music- Violons Barbares
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