"the loud explosion had engulfed the entire earth in its fury but destiny had decided to keep one man alive. It had its own plans.

I found myself on the isle of ascension. i was the sole human being who had to ressuruct the vanished civilization to rebuild against the tyranny of the machines.I was waiting for the divine light to show me the way. I knew it was around me but i was not able to see it.So, i waited.i build myself a shelter . i wandered around the isle to find signs of the new beginning. This utopia left by my ancestors was like a nutshell kept under wraps. I knew this was to keep me safe and to keep the remaining of the flora & fauna alive. But the growing salvage on the planet had already started showing phenomenal changes in the temperature. Smog filled clouds filled up the skies,emitting massive radiation, murky waters filled with nuclear wastes were slowly entering the isle of ascension. The nights were cold and the fire gave me courage and hope to wait for the divine light.................

.....................The day has arrived. i saw the divine light. It gave me the key to erase the rise of the machines. The key to embrace the organic path.This is the beginning"

john conner
2050 ad
judgement day
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