Coracle Fisher clan

For past 5 years, i have travelled to the miraculous shrine of saint Anthony's, dornahalli to spend time with and photograph indigenous village clusters and their environment. Out of these clusters, i narrowed my research down to the coracle(Coracles are primitive, light, bowl-shaped boats with a frame of woven grasses, reeds, or saplings covered with hides. Indian coracles are considered to have been in existence since prehistoric times) fisher clan.......

this fisher clan is totally reliant on self sustenance. This group consists of about 30-35 people. Presently they are settled in the back waters of river Kauvery where their survival is completely dependent on fresh water fishing. The interesting part is how they have managed to blend with their environment. 

The images are aimed at moving the audience into a timeless space, a space where people live and work according to the seasons and weather, rather than the clock.

My portraits are a testimony as to who these people are and how they live. They are also revelatory of the close relationship that has evolved between the photographer and his subjects who pose for the camera in a playful,open unaffected manner. Certain images document their work and home, while others show the landscape around. Their bedrooms, kitchen, in fact every room is built under a coracle. They use the most basic of things to survive with the environment. hence, creating a perfect man-nature equilibrium. They fish for survival not sale. they barter the extras with the surrounding villagers in exchange for paddy. their only tryst with modernism is the second hand clothing they acquire. No telephones,no electricity, also no carbon footprints. Its fascinating to see, how these people live n survive.

I have used camera flash to light my subjects , a technique developed to exaggerate the eccentric and unconventional nature of the people i have portrayed. I have combined lighting with straight forward presentation. By doing so, i have tried turning traditional portrait photography, conceptually, inside out.

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