The 100$ music video experiment

We started this exp. by gathering artists from various genres to collectively ideate & collaborate on spot and help create something original . We raised the challenge by intentionally limiting our entire production budget under $100. The lighting was achieved using couple of torches and LED fairy lights.Sound recording ,set design,projection mapping and shooting was conceptualised and executed together on the same day.

Pls share this link on your timeline/everybody you know, so that talented artists like Montry Manuel and Maria Schneiders can reach out to a global audience. We also hope this video helps inspire & motivate talented (dormant) artists to get out there and collaborate .


Collaborative Dance Performance : Maria Schneiders

Projection Mapping: Bee Vee Anand

Directed by: Sam Mohan (

Produced by: Jacob Cherian (

Cinematography: Abhishek Srivastava, Amith Surendran, Vicky Lakshmanan

Editing: Rahul Dev Rajan

Sound Engineer: Edison Lazar

Mixed and Mastered: Sheldon Karkada, NDM Studios

Set Building: Karthik Varma, Tara Rachel Thomas
Production Crew: Mohammed Ameen Rajesh D
Light Assists: Seshadri Venugopal, Varun Sreenivasan

Location: Yolk Studio, Bangalore (

Special Thanks to Kalpana Kumar, Vandana Menon, David Clifton Crimson and Niranjan Shivaram, Audio Academy

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