Creya / Brand Photography

Creya Will Create Learning Environments That Will Help Every Child Unlock His / Her Full Potential. It Is Based On The Belief That Every Child Is Born To Do Extraordinary Things And It’s The Systems & Environments Which Limit Or Fulfill That Potential. 'Exaggerated' Confidence Is What I Term The Basic Thought To Be. It Is Here That Children Unleash Their 'Larger Than Life' World Perspective. It Is Here, In Creya, That Children Will Emerge To Be World Leaders.

Art DirectionBrandingPhotography
The Learning Experience Is Based On The Simple Thought Of When You Do And Learn The Learning Is More Holistic, Complete And Outcome Oriented As Opposed To The Traditional Systems Of Learning. The Inspirations For This Are The Great Scientists, Inventors, Creators And Innovators Of The World Around Us. The Change-makers Who Thrived In Challenging And Inspiring Environments. Who Quietly Re-defined The World From Their Garage, Lab, Or Under An Apple Tree.
Photography Sam Mohan
Studio Yolk Studio, Bengaluru, Karnataka, India
CGI The Image Foundation, London, England
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